What you should know about all 3 Pregnancy Trimesters


Pregnancy trimesters are the three stages of the normal 40 weeks pregnancy divided into three months each. These stages of pregnancy are crucial both for the mother and fetus. The mother experiences many physical and emotional changes as she nurtures a new life inside her.


First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Your physical changes include nausea, vomiting, food cravings along with fatigue. Your doctor will prescribe vitamin supplements (do not take any on your own). Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and maintain a healthy diet along with lots of fluids. Clothes will gradually start feeling a bit tight.

The embryo’s eyes, ears, nose and digestive system begin to form in this stage of pregnancy. The heart starts beating. The embryo is about 2.5 cm long and weighs 2g.


The baby’s growth is slow in the initial few weeks, but its heart, skeleton etc. start developing. Gradually, as you move on to your second month, growth becomes faster and the fetus even doubles in size.

The Second Trimester Pregnancy

Beginning of the fourth month marks the second pregnancy trimester. Moms can feel excited during this pregnancy trimester as the movements of the baby starts with the development of muscles. Fingernails and toenails appear and the heart is completely developed. A small amount of hair appears on the baby’s head, eyebrows and eyelashes emerge. Baby weighs about 300 gm and is 10 inches long.

At this stage of pregnancy, you may regain your lost energy as morning sickness disappears and start feeling better with improvement in nausea. Energy level normalizes. Eat good food with lots of fiber to avoid constipation. Weight gain will be steady. You might again get back that sex drive. You may also feel a slight wiggle of your baby inside. The mother’s belly might take a slight round shape by now.


The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

This is the last of the pregnancy trimesters that extends from 28 -40 weeks. Baby attains its full size and weight at the end of this trimester, which is 16inches and 2100g respectively for a healthy baby. The organs and systems are fully matured.

One needs to be somewhat extra careful during the last trimester. Many become anaemic, so be sure to take supplements regularly. Try eating smaller and frequent meals. Do some moderate exercises throughout your pregnancy period. Your energy level will again take a back seat. You can feel the frequent kicks given by the little one. Give your breasts a check-up. If they look flat or inverted, consult a doctor. You might also notice some discharge from your breasts, which is normal.

Approaching the 40th week, try taking ample rest as it’s required to conserve energy for a tough job ahead. Weight gain will vary as per body structure and composition. If your water breaks, get in touch with your doctor.


Just relax, everything will be fine, and you will soon hold your bundle of joy in your arms.