Mother’s day: A guide for Happy Fathers


Mother’s day is a day to show love, gratitude and appreciation to every mother out there, although the history and dates differ from culture to culture, the message is the same, make a mother happy. In this case we are talking about your wife who might be in need of a relaxation day. We are not suggesting to take her to the spa, even though to be frank, that sounds like a good idea, so instead we came up with a few simple ideas to celebrate Mother’s day.

1.Be the chef

We all know the best cooks in the world are mainly men, so we think it’s time to show your hidden talent. Nothing complicated. Pancakes or French Toast are a wonderful and simple idea, easy and fast also delicious. Top that with fresh fruit, some orange juice and voila! you have a really nice breakfast for your wonderful wife.


2. The perfect gift

The perfect gift on mother’s day is her family, and you, as the person that loves her the most, could attain that for her in a picture. Find a picture that you know she loves and frame it. I promise you cannot go wrong there. Simple, fast and easy.

mother's day frame
3. Mother’s day

As a mother, all they need sometime is just some time away from all the daily routine. So if you have the possibility, send the kids away and spend some romantic time with your wife. It could be dinner at home or it could be dinner in town, or even dinner in another town. Be creative, make her feel special.

mother's day eating out

4. Special day. Mother’s day.

If you still feel uninspired you could take a look at what GROUPON has to offer. You can find things to do from, balloon rides to 10 hot yoga classes and so on. I am sure you can pick the right pleasure for your wife. And you could spend some quality time with your kids while she enjoys herself on mother’s day.



What are you doing for the mother of your kids this Mother’s day? Please share your thought with us.