Holding and handling a newborn- benefits for growing a healthy and happy child


Holding and handling a newborn may be difficult for new parents because the newborn appear very fragile. At first, many parents are quite scared to pick up and handle their baby because of the feeling that he’s so breakable. Your baby is actually very resilient and, as long as you support him firmly, there’s no need to be afraid.


Newborn holding and handling with firm support

Even is he’s crying to be picked up, do not use jerky or quick movements when lifting him- do it slowly, and as quietly as you can. Most babies like to be handled in a firm way; it makes them feel more secure. He won’t be able to support his head for several weeks so you will have to support it so that is doesn’t loll. Always hold your baby close, keeping your arms close to your body, and bending over the place you are lifting from putting down. When you want to put the baby down, reverse the process of picking him up, but remember to always support his neck. When you lay your baby down, it’s fastest to put him on his back, or his side, if propped.


Newborn loving support

A mother often feels prime responsibility for her newborn baby, but most partners are keen to be fully involved as early as possible. Both your baby and his father will develop a better understanding of each other through holding and handling, cuddling and carrying, and the more tactile their relationship, the more loving will be. All through the day, especially when changing him, you can discover ways to gently explore and caress his body. The best way to cuddle together is by lying naked in bed. In this way he can smell your skin, feel its touch and warmth, and hear your heart beating clearly.

father holding his baby

Newborn holding and handling- benefits for you

From the moment your baby is born you can develop a special feeling of intimacy by holding him close to your bare skin. Skin to skin contact enables to become intimate with your baby. You will enjoy ‘skin bathing’ with your baby- the feel of his soft, warm skin against yours, and the wonderful smell of newborn baby.

When you are feeding, whether by breast or bottle, do not let a barrier of clothing always came between you. You will both benefit from him being held close against your bare skin- not least because he will begin to recognize your smell (and important step in the bonding process, especially if you are not breastfeeding).

Newborn holding and handling- benefits for your baby

Recent research has shown that the more physical contact babies have, the healthier and happier they became.

You can appeal to your baby’s sense of rhythm by rocking and swaying him. Skin-to-skin contact stimulates his senses of touch and smell, and even helps him to grow. Human skin sends and receives

warmth that has a positive effect on the other human skins. Snuggling together will evoke a feeling of sensuous contentment.

Ways for holding and handling a newborn correctly

support his head
Support his head Always be sure to support his head in the crook of your arm (above) so that it doesn’t loll around.

hold him face down
Hold him face down Your baby may like being held face down in your arms, his cheek resting on your forearm.

Lifting your baby Slide one hand underneath his neck and head , and slide the other behind his lower back (above). Lift him gently so that his head doesn’t fall back.