Games for babies 0-6 months


For sure playing with a baby is the most enjoyable part of parenthood. Babies learn through play and this is what they can do best at their age. But, unfortunately sometimes parents find the caring, feeding and other activities more important and when they finish the entire housekeeping are too tired to play with their little one. And most of the times parents rather prefer to buy expensive and interactive toys for babies to play with and get frustrated when their tots get bored of them easily or do not pay attention to them.

Parents face is the best toy in the whole world for your baby

Each baby is unique and playing with the little one is the best option to see how he or her achieving a new stage of development is. Through play you can show them how things works and you will find they pick fast on things. At this young age if you play with their hands, tiny legs you, as a parent will start creating the baby’s image about himself. From the simple games like Peak-a- boo to simple games, this will be the most amazing way to spend a quality time with your bundle of joy.

kipy mum play with a baby

Best games to play with a baby (0-3 months)

Do not spend money on expensive toys for babies. At this point your baby will not be able to use them he will not even pay attention to them. But he will really need a toy with sounds and that is your face and your voice. Your baby loves having the chance to watch your face, and this game will help sharpen her or his visual skills too.

How to play Peak-a Boo with a baby under 3 months

Hold your baby close, as she or he can focus best on objects about 20cm to 35cm from her face. When the baby is gazing into your eyes, cover your face with both hands and after a second pop your face out. Do this for a couple of times and you will get a big smile from your child. Your child will be fascinated by your disappearing and reappearing act.

How to play Copy Me with a baby under 3 months

Do the same on Peak-a Boo – keep the baby closer to your face and when he is glazing at your eyes poke your tongue out. Repeat the action after 20 sec and do it again and again. After a while you can see how the baby tries to imitate you. Do not worry if is not doing immediately, it may take a while but you should notice that he’s sticking her tiny tongue back out at you. You can go further and try to make your baby to imitate other facial expressions too, such as a big smile or wide open mouth.

kipy mum laughing with baby

Best games to play with a baby (3-6 months)

Your baby will develop at an amazing rate in his first year. At times, she may seem to acquire new skills overnight. At this point the play becomes more interactive and you will fell a rewarded parent because now the child is answering different. Between 3 and 6 months your baby will learn to roll, to sit, to crawl. And now starts the journey to explore the world by his own, and mostly by putting everything in his mouth.
Now your baby is giving clear signs that he is in the mood for play. Just as you can read baby’s signals to know when to play games, you can take your lead and use his interest to help him develop new skills. For example, if your baby is doing noises like “coos” and “ga-gas,” try imitating these sounds. That will help your baby develop a foundation for conversation skills. Also now you can start building your baby’s confidence by smiling back when he smiles at you. This habit will help your baby realizes that you’re having fun and enjoying his company.

baby playing with paper

Do not play with a baby just in his cot or on the sofa.  Go outside, in different rooms and environments, give him lots of opportunities to cope with different sounds and stimulus. At this age a baby can play for a short time by himself and this unstructured game will increase and became more and more important in your baby’s development.

Enjoy every stage of development with your baby! Time passes quickly and soon your little bundle of joy will grow older and start walking, and you will wish to turn back in time and you now best that is not possible yet.