Different ways to give birth – advantages and disadvantages


Are you expecting? Do you have a big bun in the oven? So big that you forgot how your feet look like when you are standing? Then you are probably ready to bring a new life into this world. Congratulations! You probably have done some research about the process of giving birth and seen hundreds of videos on the internet, and because you are reading this article I will assume you have some doubts regarding the method through which the little one is to come into this world.

It is safe to say that every method depends on each person. Here are 2 of the most known methods of giving birth

Vaginal birth

Probably the most known and practiced method so far, this choice is also known as natural birth. It has the most advantages and less disadvantages as its competition, the C-section, which is described below.

Vaginal birth is when your new baby comes out through the vagina with or without medication, the latter also known as epidural.


  • fast recovery time
  • less postpartum pain


  • long and painful process
  • could tear the pelvic muscles

vaginal delivery

Cesarean section

This method usually preferred as an alternative and in case of emergency. In some countries this method is just in case the vaginal birth doesn’t go as planned and complications arise.

This choice  involves having a cut in the uterus area, on the belly so the medic or your midwife can get the baby out through that cut, hence the name C-section.

Far less safe and with more disadvantages than other methods sometimes it could be wise to opt for a Cesarean.


  • convenient and predictable


  • scar
  • a bigger risk of infection

c section


Whatever your choice would be, we wish you the best of luck.

Cesarean or natural delivery, which would be your option?