You probably found yourself searching on google for symptoms that might indicate if you’re pregnant. But what better source than a pregnancy test. This article will help you make the right choice in terms of what type of pregnancy test it best fits your needs.
All made at home pregnancy tests have basically the same instructions, hold the stick in urine for a certain amount of time, wait a few minutes and boom, you know. It is that easy.

FirstVue Pregnancy Testing Strips
pregnancy test first vue
Treat & Ease Clear Response Pregnancy Test Kit

Freedom Pregnancy Test Strip

freedom pregnancy test
Power Plast One Step Pregnancy Test

These tests usually come in a pack of 2 or more and they are not accurate all the time. Some will give you a positive only when you are far along into your pregnancy.
With these, the positive line could look very faint however a more expensive test might show up much clearer. Doctors say these are just as good as the ones they use, with the exception that maybe the expensive ones are more sensitive but a positive line is a positive line, faint or not.

Moving up the financial ladder starting from an average of £3.50, these are the own supermarket’s brand, such as:

Boots Pharmaceuticals Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test boots
Tesco Home Pregnancy Testtesco test pregnancy
Sainsbury’s Home Pregnancy Test

ASDA Home Pregnancy Tests


These are the same as their cheaper version. Only that they are a bit more sensitive, and more likely to give you an accurate result early on.


  1. Hi people am not sure if am PRENGENT I really need to know but I took 2 PRENCGency and on one it come up with 1 1 line and a faded line and the over one didn’t show until 5 mins then it showed the same thing 2 line faded one and a stronger one I don’t no if it is telling the truth I do feel PRENGENT like my boobs have changed and am eating different foods and my belly has got big and hard at the sides and right at the bottom I need your help cons someone tell me if I could be thx xxxxxx