Birth problems: baby too big


A big baby is a newborn weighing more than 4kg (8lb 13oz) at birth. Are you a future mother, glad you handled near term pregnancy and doctors have warned you that your child actually falls in the category “big baby” and this can bring complications at birth? Not to panic. Nowadays technologies are advanced and you will benefit of efficient appliances which will indicate the approximate weight of your baby. If measures and fetus weighs less than 4,500 kg will definitely have a big baby and doctors advise you about how to give birth: cesarean section or premature birth.

Factors conducting growth in excess of the baby

Factors restraining growth in excess of the baby can be various:
• Genetic
• Ethnic – some parents will have big babies;
• The high blood sugar – Pregnant woman can suffer from diabetes undetected until the moment of conception and thus it not be properly treated;
• Obesity
• During pregnancy pregnant women gain in weight more than 10-13 kg as normal;
Not always if you find yourself in one or more points above you are prone to have complications at birth. Most women who give birth to a ‘’huge’ baby are presenting no risk factors.


How is it affected the birth if you are suspected of caring a big baby?

When you are carrying a big baby chances to suffer birth complications are increased. You can encounter large blood loss, perineum tear, etc. Also there are chances that the infant to suffer malformations such as dislocation of the shoulder, clavicle fracture and other severe damage. These injuries can occur after doctors efforts to expel the baby, the latter being blocked due to excessive measures.
If the baby is too big but things get worse your doctor may decide that birth cannot be done naturally and he will let you opting for cesarean. Baby weight and measures cannot be accurately determined before birth, but if your gynecologist will suspect that the possibility of a large baby then you need to take necessary precautions childbirth without major risks.
Another possibility is to cause premature birth but specialists do not recommend this method because they say has no real benefit.
So, if prone to complications of pregnancy because the baby is too big, most often opt for cesarean.

newborn in hospital

How to rebuild after giving birth naturally of a big baby?

If you have suffered during childbirth perineum tear should follow gynecologist and strictly observe hygiene rules to protect you from possible infection.

 How much did your baby weigh at birth ?